Charlotte: the oldest of the siblings. Quaint, and old fashioned in appearance at the height of 4' 9". "I am short and dumpy" she said to her friend Ellen. Like a small sparrow. Her feet were tiny and narrow. Her hands were small, with delicate fingers and perfectly smooth oval nails. Her hair, naturally smooth, brown and glossy was frizzed into unbecoming, tight ugly curls. Her face was plain, almost ill-featured; her missing teeth spoilt her mouth and her complexion was red. Her forehead was prominent, with a large nose, but she had beautiful, large reddish brown eyes behind wire-rimmed spectacles. Extreme near-sightedness and refusal to wear glasses imprisoned her in a narrow world from which she peered anxiously and shyly. Physically feeble in everything, she ate no meat and had to have special portions fixed for lunches because of a small, finicky appetite. Her dresses were old, rusty, dark and mended. Charlotte's eyes shrank when a stranger's eyes turned toward her. She said no man would look twice at her. Perhaps few women ever existed more anxious to be pretty than she.

Emily: tall and graceful, reserved, with dark, gray/ blue, beautiful, yet liquid eyes. Naturally beautiful hair but in an unbecoming style.... tight curl and frizz. She had little complexion. She talked very little and looked away. Her manner was abrupt to rudeness, and she would stare into the distance with detachment. Her reserve was only dropped when she was on the English moors. There she would strip her stockings and forge the streams. At the time of her death, her coffin would be the smallest ever: shockingly 17" wide.

Anne: prettier and slighter than Emily, with graceful brown curls and porcelain skin, and much friendlier than Emily. Violet blue eyes, fine penciled eyebrows, weak but soft tone voice, long nose, pouting full lips, and a small rounded chin. Self-denying, reflective, subdued, quiet, and reflective.






Branwell: 5'3"in height,diminutive figure, his form was that of a lad of sixteen, his face that of a man of twenty-five, with a small mouth, well-turned chin. He imagined himself as a tough guy. A pair of spectacles garnished his nose due to short-sightedness. Full of energy and a great sense of humor.



The Bronte members represented above were the surviving members. There were actually two other children, older than Charlotte: Elizabeth and Maria Bronte, who died when Charlotte was 9. Their mother, Maria Bronte, shown here on the right, died early after arriving at Haworth with their children.

Patrick: the head of the family. Over 6' tall, many people found him alarming-looking in old age, strong jaw, and ambitious, yet friendly.. He had a nobly shaped face, with straight Greek lines. He sported a cravat, like an enormous white neck bandage. Charlotte said it was her father's extravagance. He would cut up yards of white silk. His liability to bronchial problems attached him to this increasing growth of cravat. Patrick's one fear was that of fire, and so the house was void of all curtains.



Maria Bronte


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