1818 - 1848

Wuthering Heights Composite


December, 1847, Wuthering Heights was published under the pen name of Ellis Bell...or Emily Bronte. It is a story of Heathcliff and Cathy, two ill-fated lovers in the wild moors of northern England. In her sister Charlotte's words regarding Emily's work: "As far as the scenery and locality are concerned, it could scarcely have been sympathetic: Ellis Bell did not deserve as one whose eye and taste alone found pleasure in the prospect; her native hills were far more to her than a spectacle; they were what she lived in, and by, as much as the wild birds, their tenants, or as the heather, their produce. Her descriptions, then of natural scenery, are what they should be, and all they should be." Wuthering Heights broods "a horror of great darkness"....Charlotte Bronte

Wuthering Heights is the name of Heathcliff's dwelling. "Wuthering" being a significant provincial adjective, descriptive of the atmospheric tumult in which its situation is exposed in stormy weather.....
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